Do Amazon Product Keyword and Competitor Research

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Do Amazon Product Keyword and Competitor Research

Hi Buyer,

I hope you are doing well!

Do you want to increase Amazon product sales?

I have idea for you. I found the prominent areas to optimize in Amazon’s product page are the title, bullet points, product description, custom url and also add in product search term.

So using my given best keywords you can optimize your product content and increase 50% more chance to rank higher in Amazon and Google to make more sales. You can also use same keywords for product SEO If you want.

Once you order, I will give you a research report with below details:

1. Top 10 Keywords
2. Total searches
3. Keyword competition
4. PPC Advertising Rate

Wait! I also give you 10 similar competitor product analysis reports with below details:

1. 10 Similar Products
2. Price comparison
3. Product Rating
4. Customer Reviews

ORDER NOW! and relax while we help you increase your product sales!

Please Note:

1. I will do 1 product research per gig order.
2. Send me custom request for 1 day delivery time.
3. 100% satisfaction and money back guaranteed.
4. Contact me first if you want to research for ebook.

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